Our refurnished and spacious apartments provide you with a homey atmosphere and the idyllic surrounding nature is perfect for various outdoor and relaxation activities.

Mara Apartments are the perfect choice if you are looking for the right location for mental relaxation or an active holiday in nature but still wish to feel as if you were at home.

The apartments are surrounded by forests and meadows, providing an idyll for all nature lovers, from hikers, skiers, cyclists, photographers, to yoga practitioners.

Cyclists will be enthralled by more than 200 market cycling trails. Many hiking trails are available for hikers both in summer and winter. Skiers will be delighted by the nearby ski resort in winter. The well-groomed and safe ski resort can also be used by children who are only beginning to learn to ski.

Mara Apartments are located on the Ribnica Pohorje, in the immediate vicinity of the Ribnica Hut, located between Jezerski Vrh and Mali Črni Vrh, approximately 8 kilometres from the village of Ribnica na Pohorju. The apartment house consists of three floors (basement, apartment with a terrace, and apartment with a balcony). It is located at Hudi kot 24a, SI-2364 Ribnica na Pohorju, Slovenia.

The apartments boast the highest altitude of an accommodation on Pohorje and are found in the immediate vicinity of the Črni Vrh drag lift and the cross-country ski run to Kope.
The apartments pride themselves on the beautiful nature and many beautiful views of the Pohorje ridge, Kozjak, Janževski Vrh, the Drava River Valley, Graz, and Ribnica na Pohorju. From Mali Črni Vrh, you can also see the Mislinja River Valley, the Posavje Hills, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Peca, Uršlja Gora, and Golica. There are several popular destinations in the vicinity of the apartments: The Ribnica Lake, the Lovrenc Lakes, the Josipdol Museum of Quarrying, Glass Manufacturing, and Forestry, Kope, in addition to the interesting highest spruce in Europe.
Access to the apartments has been provided for. It also includes a parking area under video surveillance. As the apartments can only be accessed via a snow-covered road in winter, our staff will take you to your apartment on snowmobiles which constitutes an additional winter adventure for many.

Upon your arrival, you will be received by our friendly apartment staff who will also be available for any information you may need during your stay. Our staff will be at your disposal throughout your entire stay. Each apartment sleeps 4+2 persons. The entire apartment house can also be booked by prior arrangement.

Additional services


Apartments Mara are the perfect destination for those seeking relaxation, privacy, and personal time. Our luxurious wellness oasis is designed specifically to provide our guests with complete indulgence and rest. Located in the basement of the accommodation, our wellness area offers a relaxation room, a separate restroom, a corner with beverages, saunas (Finnish, bio/ herbal and infrared), and cold plunge tub. In the wellness area, you will be enveloped by a pleasant atmosphere where you can completely unwind. (Usage with additional payment).


In the basement, you can avail of a spacious lounge, kitchen, bar, and bar stools, a mini table for small children, darts, a toilet, etc. Throughout your stay, the basement can be used free of charge.

Rent an e-bicycle

In summer, e-bicycles can also be rented at an additional charge.